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I offer a variety of bespoke services to enhance your wellbeing. I offer personal and group classes, in your home, online, in the studio and corporate bookings.

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What's 'The Art of Existence'?

Are you living or simply just existing, aimlessly? 

There is an art to making our existence a positive experience, where we can live a fulfilled life, full of purpose.


'The Art of existence' is a site full of positivity and soul. A place to work on our self-development through mindfulness and yoga


Use these tools to consciously work on yourself daily to feel alive rather than just existing aimlessly. 


My aim is to implement a healthy lifestyle, mentality and physicality. I aim to cease suffering of any kind and to turn it into something beautiful, creating a positive outlook on life




I am a dynamic, enthusiastic and dedicated 500hr registered Yoga Teacher. My emphasis is to strongly incorporate mindfulness as part of my teaching method, bringing full body awareness and the student back to the present moment, this is what led me to yoga. My classes are mindful, powerful, creative and enjoyable.

 I teach Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and Yin Yoga, all of which are heavily influenced by B.K.S Iyengar alignment and principle. My aim is to encourage you to be present, maintaining full-body awareness; to enhance your well-being and growth; to bring authenticity to the practice; to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle and to share my knowledge of yoga, anatomy and psychology in a relatable manner

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"There's no physical strength without mental strength, first prepare the mind and the body will follow"
- Tamsin

About  Me

Namaste! I’m Tamsin, a Registered Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Practitioner and a student of Naturopathy and Nutrition.

I am a firm believer that we can create the life we want by intention and attention, listening to our gut instincts and paying attention to signs which lead us to our path and purpose in life.

I am a lover of all things culture and travel and have spent the past 9 years exploring various countries and locations. My itchy feet have taken me all over the world with many more places to discover. You can find me down the quirky little colourful streets, by the ocean, in the mountains, in a Jazz bar or a lovely little cafe - The world is my home. I am a big lover of live Jazz and blues music, profound writing and beautiful landscapes. I am simple yet complex, an old soul and a hopeless romantic. I have a strong interest in all things natural and believe it is possible to cease suffering through diet and lifestyle. This led me to my career in Yoga and my current training to become a Naturopath.