Yoga Classes from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you may be in the world...
  • Release tension and lengthen

    1 hr

    30 British pounds
  • 1 hr

    30 British pounds
  • Strength and stretch

    1 hr

    30 British pounds
  • Including pre and postnatal classes

    1 hr

    30 British pounds
  • 30 min

    15 British pounds
  • 30 min

    30 British pounds
Yoga classes via Skype or Zoom - suitable for all levels. 

**All bookings are bespoke and tailormade to your needs. You will receive a free 30 min consultation and on-going support thereafter. 

Online Price List

Pranayama / Meditation                      - £15

Private Class                                       - £30

5 Private Class Pass                             - £135

10 Private Class Pass                           - £270

How does this work?

  • Browse packages and classes.


  • Click 'buy now' and book classes online using the booking system above, selecting a date and time that suits you. If booking a package PLEASE select any chosen style of class you want to be included in the package.


  • You'll receive a consultation form upon booking via email which you'll need you to send back to me.


  • You'll receive a free 30min consultation to discuss how I can build a wellness program suited to you (this can be prior to your class or at another scheduled time)


What you'll Need...

A yoga mat
A good internet connection
A webcam, speaker and mic on any chosen device 
A free Skype or Zoom account 
Props (Optional - bolster, bricks, strap..)

What are the benefits of a live online yoga class?