My Yoga Journey

In 2006 I studied Performing Arts at College, this taught me valuable life skills, enhanced my creativity and imagination which enabled me to explore my mind and body. As part of the training, we had a module called ‘Movement’ which incorporated Yoga. I had a wonderfully engaging teacher who was inspiring, passionate and present. She truly believed in what she was teaching and this had such a powerful impact on me. After a 2 hour class of pure movement and exploration through body awareness, I felt deeply relaxed, in a state of pure bliss and experienced the serenity of an undisturbed mind.

I spent a couple of years working and traveling the world from 2010, until I became very ill which triggered larbrinthitis/menieres. I was unable walk outside or even to the kitchen, as I severely struggled with balance. This is where my real journey began. I spent weeks in bed waiting for diagnosis, this resulted in anxiety, depression and triggered PTSD. The trauma of this arose from the day I was taking into Melbourne hospital, 2012.


I was unwell for a substantial amount of time, it took 2 years, many councilors, yoga classes, a tragic reaction to antidepressants, nutritionists, and a whole lot of mental strength to decide that I wasn’t going to be a victim of what was happening to me. I realised this was my path, I became fascinated with the exploration of the mind and body and the link between the two. I started reading about psychology, health and all things mind-body-soul. I was adamant that we can cure disease, illness and other ailments, as well as mental conditions, naturally, rather than being prescribed medication. My passion in life became clear.

I started practicing yoga and mindfulness to calm my anxious mind and benefited from this extremely quickly, although it required patience and persistence.

The first style of yoga I practiced was Forrest Yoga (Founded by Ana Forrest) - A strong, disciplined practice which greatly emphasises on and enhances mental and physical strength. It challenged me and taught me how to use my breath as an anchor, even when I felt like giving up which helped on and off the mat. It taught me persistence, patience and stillness. I also practiced traditional Hatha Yoga - using various breathing techniques with movement as well as meditation and philosophy. The third style was Yin Yoga - This challenged me mentally as well as physically and is my favourite style to teach. When I combined the 3 classed together I truly understood what it meant to feel a soul connection. 


After finding much peace from my practice and noticing how our awareness and mentality can change our lives, I took 2 x Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Cognitive Therapy courses (8-week program by Jon-Kabat Zinn). I did this to dive deeper into meditation and gain knowledge and tools to share with others.

2016, my passion for yoga and mindfulness took me to the Yoga capital of the world - Rishikesh, India. I stayed there for 6 months, fully immersing myself in the yogic and holistic culture where I completed my 500hr intensive training  and Reiki Level 1 practitioner. I've spent a total of one year in India and have been lucky enough to work and practice with such incredible teachers who have strongly influenced my practice and teaching.


Who inspires me?

My teacher training incorporated Iyengar yoga. B.K.S Iyengars' practice and philosophy has inspired me in many ways, on and off the mat.

Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers - Practice and theory of Yin Yoga

Ana Forrest - Forrest Yoga

Jon Kabat- Zinn - Mindfulness-based practices and theories

Dr Wayne Dyer - Philosopher/author

Oprah Winfrey